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2022 - 100x150cm

"HODL" is dedicated to those who love Bitcoin, an invention that turns life into a more enjoyable experience. 

-It is called "Hodl", which means having Bitcoins (or a fraction of one) and holding them no matter what happens. It comes from a typo made on a forum in 2013.
- In meme-culture, the character is usually associated with the catchphrase "Shut up and take my money", expressing "an enthusiastic approval toward a product or idea".
- In the background, you can see Bitcoins value going up or down.
- So this is a "Hodler", buying Bitcoin with enthusiasm wether it goes up or down.

- The painting measures 100x150cm. The background is an acrylic pouring, and the rest is spray paint, applied through stencils. It's the fourth art piece made using my "Stencil-Pointillism" technique

This art piece is available for sale. If interested, or if you have any question, please contact me !

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